Are you lookin’ at me?

Teenagers everywhere squealing, and giggling and making their presence felt, an insistence on being noticed. I came out for a bite of lunch to my local food-court and had forgotten that it was half-term. What a mistake.
Sitting at a table on your own is not always the most comfortable of experiences. However when you become the subject of ridicule of a group of teenage girls – who are busily looking around them to see who is looking at them- it leaves one very self aware. Even when you keep your eyes low and averted certain phrases in whispered overtones float to your reddening ears.

I feel old as I think to myself “I would not have done that when I was their age, I was too polite” and I consider whether it is a generational shift in manners or a shift in my viewpoint as I have become older. I suddenly remember that I am now ‘middle-aged’ and the realisation hits me like a sluice of icy water down my back.

One more glance at their doll-coloured over-made-up faces, I gather my overcoat and scuttle away from their youth and their clamour.


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