Breathe in…breathe out….Simples

Breathing can be difficult. Breathing for two even more so when you consider pushing oxygen through the placenta and all the extra load on your system.
Breathing through all this with a heavy chest cold and cough while unable to take medication is just a step further along that line of awful.

Today I was made to feel like a criminal for trying to buy menthol lozenges so that I might breathe and eat at the same time, perhaps even ease the pain of the hard hacking cough that follows each rib-caught wheeze. The pharmacist shook her head and told me slowly, in small words, that she could not sell them to me because I was pregnant. Because of the menthol. As if I was some slow-witted individual for not knowing this. I wanted to cry. Instead I sneezed…and my innards slid down my face. Very attractive.

What makes it more ludicrous is that I can walk into the newsagents at the bottom of the shopping centre and buy the same lozenges. And they will say nothing to me. And nothing shows me what harm menthol is meant to cause my pregnancy or unborn baby. I bet that a malicious man dreamt this up!

So I am sitting at home doubled up with the force of the coughing strictures and sipping hot water in the hope it will loosen enough mucus to breathe through the night.



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