Day 13 – Counting down to a little bit more than Christmas

My thanks to AuntyAmo for the honour of appearing on her blog…..

I met Orna, through the glorious joys of Twitter. We’re now in a writing group together and though she’s a little busy these days with a tiny bundle she’s been blessed with, Orna still managed to add a story to the collection which I’m delighted about.

Inspired by recent events I’ll wager… 🙂

The Countdown by Orna Richella

christmas countdownIt had all crept up on her. Weeks ago this Saturday had seemed so far away. Kerry had tried to be prepared and spent hours planning what had to be done and how she could do it all. She had written detailed to-do lists. There were even lists of lists as she organized the lists by time and type. The reality was that much on those lists still had to be done as she had been so sick and exhausted. Then the worry about the tasks undone had begun to creep into…

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