Red chairs, grumpy stares and a giant monkey

Today we brought wee Princess to have her photo taken. Nothing too serious, just one of these chain companies that are found in shopping centres. I had a won a voucher towards it in a competition and we said we would try to see if we could get something worthwhile.  Mostly I wanted to see if we could get a family shot of me and mon amour with our little lady. 

I knew it was going to be a strange day when we walked onto the concourse. In the centre of the thoroughfare was a large red chair with the words ‘I WANT YOU’ etched underneath. 


Behind a curtain a group of people were getting ready to warble into a microphone. People were gathering around to gawk and the cheekiest were putting their kids up on the chair for a ‘selfie’. Not the noise levels you want when you are trying to settle a little child. We quickly walked past and headed for our photo shoot.

Thirty minutes of screaming, trembling lip and drool later (Princess did not appreciate the photographer’s efforts and constant bell-shaking) we emerged somewhat more fragile into the centre. I thought nothing could be as surreal as that rushed experience. I was wrong.

As we turned the corner with the pram we walked into a giant monkey!


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