Catching up

It’s been an eon….
..sooo good to see you!
Have you changed your hair?
… your bag new?
I think you’ve lost weight..
….. Your skin looks amazing!
It been simply AGES!
Oh where have we been?!?

And how is your mother?
Your brother? Your husband?
…have you been anywhere special?
Are you going away soon?
Did you hear about Susie…
….. I believe that she left him
And what about Mary…?
…. He’s on the drink again!

Have we time for another…?
…..if I didn’t have to rush off
The little one, how’s she doing?
…..not a minute to myself.
It’s been so good to see you…
…..we should do this more often
I will call you…
…… I will text you…
Hugs and kisses.
Then we’re off.


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