Each moment

I could sit here for hours,
Just staring at you.
Your lush-lashed eyelids
Fluttered to rest,
Your rosebud lips
Softly parted and wet.
The flush of your cheeks
as you gently snooze
And twitch in your sleep
A sweet little wheeze.
Your chest drops and lifts
Each swell of your lungs
Fingers curled neath round chin
Rise and fall of your tum.
And dropped not abandoned
At the side of your head
The soother you were using when I put you to bed.

I tuck in the blankets
Pack rattle away
And hope sleep will cradle you
Until the light of day.

5 thoughts on “Each moment”

      1. Glad it is working for you, sometimes you need something like that to get you going again. (Says she who hasn’t written anything in far too long.)

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