Mmmmm Mum

Always been there
An invisible hand
Holding me upright
A gentle steering palm
Picking me up and patting me down
When life makes me tumble
And things get me down.

A voice reassuring
Or tough harsh bark
Soothing my worries
Or when needed, sharp.
A voice that I hear
In the back of my mind
When I am uncertain
And need to define.

Two arms to hug me
When I’m wracked with tears
They have never dropped me
After all these carried years.
Two ears to listen
To groans and gripes and moans
Over a hot cuppa
Til the wee hours at home.

One mother to guide me
As I start my own path
Hesitant with my daughter
Afraid of falling along the track

One bond unbreakable
A heart that echoes my own.
One mum to love for ever
I will never be alone xx


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