Twinkle twinkle blink

We pass each other in the twilight
In electronic light
His a standby light, laptop flickers
Mine a tablet live.
Our faces ghostly
Subverted the half-life
Of the half-light.

In another life he would have held
A flaming torch
Or I a delicate oil lamp
To light our ways to bed.
Modern inconvenience
Has provided an unexpected byproduct
The glow of gadgets
As they chew and burp
Electronic vapors.

Eerie without the romance
Weird without the wonder
The geek-lit walk
Is measured in lithium ion
Utility and futility

The battery is dead.
Now for bed.

2 thoughts on “Twinkle twinkle blink”

    1. I know – it just hit me the other night when we were creeping around trying not to wake the baby that we were using electronics to light our way and this piece came from that

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