D is for Delayed

Because sometimes we don’t get to do things when we intend to….life or mishap or misstep or just plain old exhaustion get in the way. 

So my entry for Saturday 4 April was detained en route and did not make it to the big (or little) screen until today. Back to Rory’s Storycubes original for my prompt:

Here’s my starter for six-

“Justice delayed is Justice denied” my grandma used to say. It was a real bugbear of hers. It was what prompted her to set up the Sunflower Club, a group of her elegant pensioner friends, that met three times a week. The Sunflower was a reference to brightness – the shining of a torch on the dark recesses of life and illuminating the cobwebs. In many ways they were a crossover between the Sunlight and Innocence projects.

They would meet in each other’s homes and have tea and scones and dainty treats while they would account for the injustices in the world around them. In the beginning it was just about discussing bad behaviour in the neighbourhood, but after a while grandma realised that they could do something to help, with a little bit of common sense and some mild amateur sleuthing. The key to their success was the huge swathe of knowledge and experience in their combined lives. However those sweet old ladies were a magnet for trouble and soon they were knee-deep in the credit-card fraud case. …


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