E is for An Enchanting Evening

A day late but here it comes. Today’s blog is inspired by a random throw of Rory’s Storycubes Voyages Edition. 
The Cubes can be interpreted any way you want but today I see an elephant, a bag or satchel, an axe, an octopus, a crown, a skull and crossbones, a treasure chest, a pagoda, and a decanter half full of wine. 

It certainly hadn’t been the greatest date. From the start Denise was unsure about agreeing to go out with Luther but he was persistent to the point of  stalking. She probably should have taken that as a sign but his promises of treating her like a princess had finally swayed her. (In an odd way he was on the right track. Denise was a minor blue-blood and 659th in line to the throne but she was pretty sure Luther had not known that!)

So here she was, sitting in the overgrown pagoda staring at the half-empty carafe of wine and wishing it was more palatable. She would have downed the rest of it if she could stomach it. 

When Luther had suggested a movie and a drink  it had seemed like a safe bet. At least they would have something to talk about afterwards no matter how bad the film. But Denise started to feel uncomfortable when he picked her up and headed to a housing estate rather than the Cineplex. Had she gotten into a car with an axe-murderer?!?!! 

Luther smugly announced that he would never go to the cinema when he had every comfort at home. Okay. So a DVD or download at his house  was a bit skinflint but maybe he was trying to be romantic on a budget. Five minutes into the movie it became obvious that it was a pirated copy of the latest rom-com currently in the cinema and Denise’s heart sank. The silhouette of the feet of some person at the original screening popped up in front of the camera and obscured the bottom right corner of the screen.  Denise looked at Luther to see if his reaction matched her own. Perhaps it was an honest mistake?

But Luther was clearly not embarrassed and his mind was now set on ‘romance’. A limp arm slithered over Denise’s shoulder and fumbled in the general direction of her chest. Determined to protect her treasures from this waste of space she grabbed her handbag and swung it at him to stop the advances. 

There was a loud crunch as the overloaded handbag connected with Luther’s face. He groaned and fell sideways, blood pumping from his nose. And then he just lay there. Not moving. Or groaning. Or breathing. 

Denise grabbed the carafe of wine and a glass from the dining table and stumbled out the French door into the overgrown once-landscaped garden.  Sloshing a large measure of the red wine into the glass she drained it and plonked down on bench in the pagoda. The foul aftertaste hit her along with the shock and she giggled to herself. She had bought that bag on a White Elephant Stall  at the local fête and presumed it was plastic. Going by the damage she had just caused she figured it must be real hide!!


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