J is for Journal

I was originally blogging on the right day but….

So I am away from home and staying at a lovely hotel with my husband. When I went to unpack I realised I left my Story Cubes at home. Suddenly remembered that there is a Rory’s Story Cubes app. So now I have prompts on the move. The letter J is brought to you by Story Cubes Actions edition.

On the last day of school Mrs Carey set them a project for the summer holidays. Instead of the usual essay on their return she wanted a diary about ”What I did during my holidays”. Daniel really wanted to win the prize in September but he wasn’t sure what would stand out.

After thinking about it for a day or two he figured that his diary  could be a photo scrapbook. If he could get his mum to take action photographs on his mobile phone to show what happened he could  print them up and paste them into the scrapbook with a narrative tying them together.

The first week he was attending football camp and his mum got a photograph of him scoring a goal on the last day. Unfortunately he had scored it in the wrong goal which was not very pleasant at the time but his mum said you couldn’t tell from the photo.

On the second week it rained every day so he tried exercising at home. He thought it would look cool weightlifting his dad’s weights but the only one he could lift was his mum’s pink dumbbells.

On the third week he couldn’t think what to do so his mum suggested that he go ask their elderly neighbour if he could offer her some  help. Mrs Emery was widowed and lived alone in the corner house at the end of the road. She thought it was great that he was trying to do something with his hols and asked him to help with her gardening. His mum got an action shot of him digging  up a flowerbed and luckily headed home before Mrs Emery realised he had dug the roses and left the weeds.

When Daniel got home that evening his mum was watching telly and didn’t hear him knocking then banging on the door so he got caught out in the rain. She did however get a photo of him angry and drenched to the skin when she let him in. He wasn’t impressed but his mum said it fitted the theme of his diary.

So so week after week they charted the holidays. Attending his auntie’s birthday party a shot of Daniel presenting her birthday pressie – vouchers for Weightwatchers – and another shot of her showing him exactly what she thought of the present. Taking part in a fun run for charity and collapsing red faced and sweating over the finish line. Entering the local heats of Ireland’s Got Talent with his puppet show and the head falling off one of the puppets. Packing groceries with the swim team in the local supermarket and thinking they should come dressed up meant in costume so he was the only ninja turtle while the others were in shirts and ties.

At the end of August his mum took the photos to be printed and Daniel pasted them all into his scrapbook. He wrapped it up with pride to bring with him on his first day back convinced that the prize was in the bag! On the Friday Mrs Carey announced the winner, Stephanie Wynn. Daniel was disgusted after all his hard work. Then Mrs Carey said there was a special prize for the person who had given everyone in the staff room a great laugh – and presented a dumbfounded Daniel with a Wooden Spoon. 





2 thoughts on “J is for Journal”

    1. Thanks Carol. Just realised that the final version hadn’t published. Updated now. Not sure if less was more but I am trying to use all the Storycubes each time and write on the spot.

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