M is for Moonlight Meeting

Continuing my A to Z Challenge with added frustration of trying to write a story to a prompt using Rory’s Story Cubes.  (And an unexpected life event just threw me a loop)

April 15 the dice gave me:


 So the shortest string from the top…

Moonlight filled the birch grove where Daniel and Emma sat. They held hands  and talked about the future…the cicadas drowning the conversations from curious ears. All of their ideas kept leading the in one direction and no matter how they fished for alternatives it didn’t seem to matter. Emma’s star was in the ascendency and Daniel’s trajectory wasn’t close. They would have to lock themselves into her career path for the next few years even if it did mean her being on the other side of the world with the promotion. But Daniel could fly over three or four times a year and look for something there while he was visiting. Both were scared what this meant for their marriage but only time would tell if they could make it. 

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