O is for Opening Lines

I am doing the A to Z Challenge and am running a bit behind but am going to multipost today as part of my catch up. To make life simple (I wish) I am writing on the spot based on a set of prompts using Rory’s Story Cubes- so I have 9 pictograms to work with. For April 17


“The secret to unlocking your ideal murder is not just in the planning but in knowing your prey” read the blurb on the dustcover. Karen half snorted at this presuming it was an honest mis-shelf by a trainee shop assistant or an ironic dig sticking it in the self-help section. But no, here it sat unnoticed in the farthest corner behind a copy of “How to Read your Aura.” It was mostly untouched apart from where someone had used a scissors to cut the corner with the original RRP. Karen opened a page at random. “Burial Alive –  do’s and don’ts for a motionless mound”. She fumbled the book in surprise and lost the page. Surely this was a joke. She opened it again at the index and ran her finger down the headings: “Beheadings – Accidental or Intentional; Cadaver Maintenance- Sweeter smells; Doorway to Death – your guide to tripwires; Immuration – Be the best brickie. ” Karen looked around furtively trying to work out if she was being set up – where would the hidden cameras be??!? But she was all alone in the deserted anteroom. Nobody there – just the books. She started to feel jumpy. She looked again at the dustcover. There was no publisher’s name. Perhaps it was cut off with the RRP. With a flash of inspiration she knew she would take it. Take it, not buy it – there could be no record! 

Karen dropped the book into her voluminous shoulder bag and headed for the door. Her hands were shaking with the tension. And her shoulders. Everything was wobbling. 

On the other side of the world in a little shop in Delhi, Surinder picked up the book in the corner of the self help section. She flicked through the pages noticing the sad and desperate faces in the photographs. She turned to the blurb on the dustcover- “
The key to unlocking your perfect murder is not just in the planning but in knowing your prey”.  

Surinder shuddered and quickly placed the book back on the shelf. Not her thing at all she thought  turning to a book on Angel magic. 

4 thoughts on “O is for Opening Lines”

    1. Thanks Elaine. Am running a few days behind with the challenge but every post is a quick response to a throw of the cubes. Sometimes it works better than others

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