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Emerging from the haze

2013 – was unique and life-changing. I realize that every year is technically life changing given that each day alters one physically, mentally and experience-wise moving us closer to the time we meet our maker. This last year has been such a milestone as to change me and my life beyond recognition.

I have always identified myself through the prism of my job. It separates out my talents and capabilities, the strengths that make me proud of who I am and the weaknesses I must strive to overcome. It gives me a set of achievements by which I feel valued and a marker to aim for the future. I see myself through my interaction with those I spend my day and most of my day (and week even) for the past eight or nine years has been spent at work, leaving little space beyond to develop my self as an independent person. So when, during the summer, I became very sick, I found myself in an empty space, without my usual guides. And I had no roadmap to help me out of this uncharted territory. Lack of energy added to this feeling of bewilderment. Days melted it each other.

Today I felt strongly as if I was walking out of a fog and could see some things more clearly. I cannot see the way home yet but I can look around me and find signposts to help me there.

She is….

Here safely. My daughter, a precious new life that came into being within me. A tiny thing that relies on me for warmth and sustenance, utterly dependent. Huge bright eyes that follow my every motion, tiny rosebud mouth that breaks into a gummy genuine smile at the slightest bit of attention. Wee nose that wrinkles up as she puzzles and concentrates and tries to shape the words that she hears. Plump cheeks that fill roundly as she coos her approval. Tiny fingers intertwined around my one large one holding fast – a strength belied by her size.

She is a thought. A poem. A lyric. A dream. A work of art beyond the greatest masterpiece ever conceived and rendered by man. She is the echo in my every heartbeat and my reason for waking.

She is love made whole.

At the door to the future

As the hours trickle away at the end of 2013 it feels right to take a few moments to consider the last year and look forward to the next.

The insistence on ‘celebrating’ the New Year is something that often feels forced and unnecessary. Why this night, of all nights do we force ourselves to stay up late and consume food and alcohol in the middle of the night – even when we were up early and have lived through an entire day first? There is an emptiness to the requirement to cheer and be merry at the stroke of the hand of a clock. This is probably why so many end up feeling low and unfulfilled by the New Year’s Eve experience. It never meets the unreal expectations set by film and television and media in general.

It is hard to imagine how much can change in a year – 365 days. Devastating health diagnosis, surprise pregnancy news, new homes, work changes – all of these things alone can spin one’s world on its axis. Together they leave a person reeling. So much difference that for once a New Year is unrecognisable from the previous one when it dawned. Hope and fatigue mingle in the tiny first hours of the newly born year and like the newborn child slumbering beside me, everything is depending on me to make it happen. But that is an enticing – if terrifying – challenge. I will put down this journal. And sleep. And meet the new day, new month, new year face on.



It’s just not write


It doesn’t matter how much money you throw at a project, to create whatever veneer you wish, there is always a weak link that will put their own ‘spin’ on their input.

Bad grammar annoys me, yet misspellings, in the right context make me giggle. This special handcrafted sign appears on a temporary plywood facade affixed to an ancient cast-iron gate. The gate has been daubed an offensive green shade to colour match the part year dollification of Dublin Castle for the six months Ireland holds the EU Presidency. The paint job offends me – the ‘official’ sign prompted a smile.

With thanks to the worker on the Irish EU Presidency project for the photo moment of the day.