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A moment of peace

Mondays mean many things to many people.
The start of the work week – the foot of a long hill of toil and stress that must be climbed. The recommencing of good intentions or diets or personal plans after the ‘relaxing’ of rules over the weekend. Back to early mornings, packed lunches, crowded bus and train journeys, rushed breakfasts and copious coffees. Homework undone and hanging over little heads like the Sword of Damocles. Assignments not read or tutorials not prepared for. Meeting friends for coffee or a drink or lunch….or simply seeing other people after a weekend alone. Another week closer to Easter holidays or exams, a countdown to retirement, or babies born, or birthdays, anniversaries, pay day, mortgage repayment day, your last day on this earth.

My Monday routine is a faded memory as each day I rewrite my life through tiny eyes and miniature fingers. The soundtrack of giggles and screams and cooing plays constantly under the drama as I act out my role. I calm and I pet and I cajole while inside I am crying.

Then suddenly the noise stops. Eyelids droop. Silence rushes in to fill the void. And a moment of peace settles around me.
This is what Monday means. Another day of wonder.

She is….

Here safely. My daughter, a precious new life that came into being within me. A tiny thing that relies on me for warmth and sustenance, utterly dependent. Huge bright eyes that follow my every motion, tiny rosebud mouth that breaks into a gummy genuine smile at the slightest bit of attention. Wee nose that wrinkles up as she puzzles and concentrates and tries to shape the words that she hears. Plump cheeks that fill roundly as she coos her approval. Tiny fingers intertwined around my one large one holding fast – a strength belied by her size.

She is a thought. A poem. A lyric. A dream. A work of art beyond the greatest masterpiece ever conceived and rendered by man. She is the echo in my every heartbeat and my reason for waking.

She is love made whole.

Hello world!

I’ve joined WordPress.com! This is my very first post. (Except it wasn’t really, I’m just editing the standard opening remarks…and I have NOTHING witty to say) I did think I might delete it, but I liked the “or start a new post” bit
I don’t know how to stick links in yet. This could be less of a steep learning curve and more of a climbing wall for me…
They say you should state why you are starting your blog in this post but as I haven’t a clue…..answers on a postcard please?