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To improvise or interact – that is the question

I have just had the most peculiar evening of performance and interaction, thought provoking and fun

I am always curious about the experimental elements in theatre. Interaction within a performance piece entirely alters the experience as the audience becomes either cast or prop or device but no longer simply voyeur. As a result, what you take from such a performance varies greatly depending on how you approach it. The Company (for such is the name of the theatre group) created an interesting set up and incrementally drew the audience into the action as the night progress. Some looked incredibly uncomfortable, others slightly bemused. My Intelligent Other (American so fairly open to this) took to the whole thing like a screaming duck to a bath of fish (or something similarly offbeat but smile-inducing simile).

I noted as we arrived and were directed to different types of seating that the audience at such interactive theatre productions are visibly more funky, chilled and hip. Be-suited festival goers tend to be less comfortable diving to the floor or cuddling up with cast members on their lap. Admittedly as I had come straight from an office situation I looked unlikely to get as involved and I clearly surprised some people in my area by playacting with gusto.

The experience was relaxing and uplifting and left me with an intermittent fit of the giggles for some hours after. But strangely the thing that I took away was a feeling that I had not been on a night out to the theatre. It was much more like a games night with role players.
Nothing wrong with that. Right?