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Waiting for sleep,
watching shadows,
counting sheep,
The night slips low and the sea is deep
Full of dreams,
of magic,
of whispering lines
Of misty bells and fairy shells and tinkling chimes.

Heavy eyelids,
leaded eyelids,
drooping to drop,
While racing mind freewheels and eases to a stop.
Now Floating,
Now drifting,
So gravity-breaking
All possibles probable til the moment of awakening.

Night time
A promise
Of fantastical blend,
Dreamtime my haven until morning send.

Where did the snow go Mr Tumnus?


This morning felt like the first Spring day of 2013. Bright and airy without being fresh and cold. I stepped off the bus with a ‘spring’ in my step simply enjoying being outside in the air without being pummelled by rain and hail.

But even though the beautiful day made me feel light-hearted, I also felt a little sad as I realised another winter had passed with no snow.