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Zzzzzzzz is all I want

Bone-weary, shattered, knackered and sore
I’m tired I’m bleary
Could sleep on the floor
I feel so exhausted. What a day
What a night
Or a lack of a night
– Yes I must look a sight!
My eyes are dry and burning
And fused in my head
My skin is crawling, itching
I just want my bed
I thought I could do this
I knew I’d survive
It’s not forever, I’ll endure it
Sure at least I’m alive.
But my battery is not charging
My energy stores gone
My sense of humor depleting
As each night has gone on.
I know that I love her
More than life itself
And I may just end proving that
With the loss of my health.
She catnaps for Ireland!
A wee doze here and there
Keeps her wound like a watch
And alert as the care
Of the President’s security
On hostile ground
– she’s made me a wreck
And mentally unsound.
I’m falling to pieces
Can’t restitch my head
Unless I catch a few Zzzzs
Now I’m heading to bed.

Please Zzzzs

There is a crushing sensation
In my temples
The room is closing fast
Around tired limbs and aching eyes
Exhaustion has floored me at last.

I have managed for weeks
with tiredness
And stumbled with coffee through more
But my head is spinning
Ears are roaring
I’m heading for the floor

I thought I could
prop myself up some more
I figured a catnap would work
But then I was interrupted again
Ah parenthood
The joys and the perks.

I’m going to flake out and sleep now
There’s no other outcome ahead
I’ll turn out the light and turn over
And sleep the zzzzzs of the dead.