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Eating my time – with extra sauce

I have found that the best intentions are never enough to side-track a determined grouch who wishes to “offload” their complaint. These individuals invariably can stretch time to a point of elasticity that snaps into your face as they leave and you see what has built up in the time they have taken from you. I have tried a number of assertive and persuasive techniques to focus their gripe or issue and attempt to solve it but invariably the determined grump will have another angle.

I should mention that I have never been a Pollyanna myself. I’m less “glass half full” and more “who drank the rest of my vino”. However while I have tried of late to conquer this feeling and face everything with a ‘can do’ attitude, I have found it replaced by the meltdown of others.

Other people’s issues are much more draining than your own. Doubly so when they have no intention of solving them but simply seek to vent for their own comfort.

Listening and empathising is a natural act of human kindness freely given. But only for so long….time is too precious.

Often we complain that we don’t have enough time to do everything we need to but if you think you will be able to identify these time wasters, life stranglers, hour blocking individuals who, through making a meal of their own problems, starve you of the space you require for yourself.

The first step is awareness, the next is finding diversions around life’s road blockers.¬† Easier said than done, but if the result is the reward of personal time for development it is surely worth the effort?