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View from above


A luxury I never thought I would be able to have – an ariel photograph, the earth from the air, something amazing that technology has afforded me. When you consider that there was a time not so long ago when only rich people could afford ariel photos, you realize the democratization of subject matter a digital camera and a window seat on a cheap flight brings. Ireland’s green patchwork as viewed from above – the fields and buildings and lives and realities an embroidery of fine-woven threads that blur to make a beautiful hazy picture and I, floating far above, take a snapshot of the colours. My father would not have imagined it possible in his lifetime and I feel sad at all the changes he did not live to see. Then I dive into the detail and dream within the green.

A glimpse of freedom

Day 5 of the Daily Photo blog project. I really hope I can keep this up.


It’s an image many have taken, the Statue of Liberty, an American icon, a French gift, a tourist tick-box, a postcard to friends. And yet, through the bars of the Registry on Ellis Island the symbolism of that lady of enlightenment, the beacon of hope for so many, those whose stories were about to begin, or end, is both shocking and wonderful. So close to freedom they could see it if not touch it. It filled me with great sadness. And I wonder how much it has changed.

We have given much of our personal freedom in this brave new world.