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View from above


A luxury I never thought I would be able to have – an ariel photograph, the earth from the air, something amazing that technology has afforded me. When you consider that there was a time not so long ago when only rich people could afford ariel photos, you realize the democratization of subject matter a digital camera and a window seat on a cheap flight brings. Ireland’s green patchwork as viewed from above – the fields and buildings and lives and realities an embroidery of fine-woven threads that blur to make a beautiful hazy picture and I, floating far above, take a snapshot of the colours. My father would not have imagined it possible in his lifetime and I feel sad at all the changes he did not live to see. Then I dive into the detail and dream within the green.

Giving thanks

I’m not American. In fact I had not set foot in the United States before this year. But I have close family now that have introduced me to the the idea and experience of Thanksgiving. On a bleak November day it is a candle that brings light and warmth to the dark winter, a lily pad stepping stone across the dark pond.

So Thanksgiving I will celebrate and give thanks for my family, my friends, a good job, a warm home, the money to fill my fridge and pay the bills. I give thanks for those I love who love me I return, for colleagues, for fun, food, and freedom. Yes I have my problems, but my scale is overbalanced with goodness.
It is good to re-evaluate and give thanks.