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On a spring day

They headed out with expectation
Possibility filled the air
Bedecked in colours
Away from home –
Could leave behind their cares.
But minutes in and something’s wrong….
Shouts are filling the air.
The whistle blown…
The die is cast
The terrible finale unknown.

Those faithful fans
The 96
They never again can roam
Their lives were lost
By the pitch that day
While we watched
With horror at home.
Those Liver Birds
The 96
They never flew again
They tried to take
Your names from you
And condemn your families’ pain.

You tragic band of innocents
They twisted and they lied
Already murdered they defamed you
While a city united cried.
You tragic spirits of Anfield
You have haunted our field of dreams
Until you’ve been vindicated
We never could fully achieve.

After 25 years
Truth is pealing
Your souls can finally come home
Justice Sing Loud
For the 96
– You’ll Never Walk Alone!


On 15 April 1989 at Hillsborough stadium life changed forever for hundreds of families and hundreds of thousands of football supporters. For 96 Liverpool football fans the change was final. It also began one of the most appalling injustices perpetrated on citizens by members of the establishment.

Irish television was showing the match live. The images will never fade from the memories of those who have seen them.

In 2014, some 25 years later, the inquests finally hear the truth. Hopefully the truth will set their spirits free.
Never to be forgotten.