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My days are mapped
Into segments of life
Tasks I must achieve
Little one to feed
But the small hours –
Once my refuge –
A welcoming
The night is now
An unreal space
Shadow and half light,
Silent tending the grail
Rocking noiselessly
Burning eyes
With smoky smudges beneath.
Tiny arms grasping
Giant belch bursting
Little legs kick
As they lower down.
A starfish reborn
Under hand turned
Wool Spread.
Suck suckle.
Shuffle shuffle
Little snort
Then snore.


Waiting for sleep,
watching shadows,
counting sheep,
The night slips low and the sea is deep
Full of dreams,
of magic,
of whispering lines
Of misty bells and fairy shells and tinkling chimes.

Heavy eyelids,
leaded eyelids,
drooping to drop,
While racing mind freewheels and eases to a stop.
Now Floating,
Now drifting,
So gravity-breaking
All possibles probable til the moment of awakening.

Night time
A promise
Of fantastical blend,
Dreamtime my haven until morning send.