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You are a moment in life
A starlight stopped in time
A sprinkle of chocolate on coffee
A poem that will rarely rhyme.
You are that long forgotten
Purchase in the wardrobe
That falls out and makes my day
You are the voucher for lunch
That is gifted last moment…
You are take-away (latte half-fat)
To sit and drink in a park
In the sunshine on a bench
By the lake
You are birdsong in the morning
You are soft dew on my father’s grave.
You are the river at the end of the garden
Gurgling, gushing to the sea
You are a pop song on the radio
Dancing round the kitchen in bare feet.
You are the opposite of sadness
You are my reason to smile
You are fresh air in the staleness
You make me feel me for a while.


A day late but better late than never….

Walk towards where you’re going
Walk straight, walk tall, walk firm.
Keep your eye on your destination
Keep your heart like an arrow, true
Try and focus on your arrival
Try to decide what you’ll do when there
Open your eyes to see things
Open your heart to care.

Don’t worry about the bumps in the road
Don’t worry about your fears
Just circumvent the problems
When faced with a blockade… Veer!


We can never set the slate clean
Un-say, un-do, un-make.
Life moves forward without erase
Un-pick, un-change, un-place.

If what you do has permanence
Your actions tangible
Your words imprint
Then shouldn’t you think
Before doing it
Before you dip pen in ink?

You can’t reverse reality
Though you undertake to try,
And understand the consequences,
And underline the why
And under-state the reason
You under-bake the bread
And under-fill the silence
As words cannot be unsaid.

Twinkle twinkle blink

We pass each other in the twilight
In electronic light
His a standby light, laptop flickers
Mine a tablet live.
Our faces ghostly
Subverted the half-life
Of the half-light.

In another life he would have held
A flaming torch
Or I a delicate oil lamp
To light our ways to bed.
Modern inconvenience
Has provided an unexpected byproduct
The glow of gadgets
As they chew and burp
Electronic vapors.

Eerie without the romance
Weird without the wonder
The geek-lit walk
Is measured in lithium ion
Utility and futility

The battery is dead.
Now for bed.


My days are mapped
Into segments of life
Tasks I must achieve
Little one to feed
But the small hours –
Once my refuge –
A welcoming
The night is now
An unreal space
Shadow and half light,
Silent tending the grail
Rocking noiselessly
Burning eyes
With smoky smudges beneath.
Tiny arms grasping
Giant belch bursting
Little legs kick
As they lower down.
A starfish reborn
Under hand turned
Wool Spread.
Suck suckle.
Shuffle shuffle
Little snort
Then snore.

Join in

Today was a long run saga
Tiring and boring – drawn out
Filled with remembered redoings
Déjà vu and déjà doubt.

It seems that for every step forward
I am sliding another three back
Further from help that most friendships
Lived at a distance generally lack.

So much fear when trying to prove yourself
And standing alone you fail
Though somebody relies on your succeeding –
Not being the cautionary tale.

That further separates and isolates you
So you take all jibes on the chin
Til you know you need to reconnect.
You know you must join in..

Ink stains

Hold your fingers to the light
Trace the pattern round the skin
With a ragged nail
Spirals and whorls…
Fingerprints defined
By dark rich ink
Mirrored letters dancing
Where fingers rested too long.

Ink stains blight and blot my hands
A testament to hours spent scribbling
Scratching. Tracing scripts
On parchment. Bold black
On a creamy canvas.
A semi-permanence
Converted by fluid,
Moved by water.


Open the curtains
Pull up the blind
Open the window
Bring in the outside.

Mellifluous birdsong
Floats in on the air
Sweetly scented with cut grass
Being mowed somewhere.

Open your mouth
Breathe deeply. Exhale.
The air you are breathing
Seems totally stale.

Head toward the hall –
Throw the door wide
Let Spring and the freshness
Rush inside.

Each moment

I could sit here for hours,
Just staring at you.
Your lush-lashed eyelids
Fluttered to rest,
Your rosebud lips
Softly parted and wet.
The flush of your cheeks
as you gently snooze
And twitch in your sleep
A sweet little wheeze.
Your chest drops and lifts
Each swell of your lungs
Fingers curled neath round chin
Rise and fall of your tum.
And dropped not abandoned
At the side of your head
The soother you were using when I put you to bed.

I tuck in the blankets
Pack rattle away
And hope sleep will cradle you
Until the light of day.