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F is for Foreign travels 

So a day late but at least I am persistent… Looking at the marvellous effort many people are making in crafting beautiful blogs I hope that my efforts may make someone smile.  

Back to Story Cubes Originals for my prompt. 


Sammi stared out across the Castle battlements at the crescent moon. She was exhausted after five days travelling by bus in the heat. But she was finally here. Wherever here was. 

The night she came home to find her boyfriend and sister road testing his hot tub she grabbed her rucksack, her passport and a compass and headed to the airport. She didn’t care where she went as long as it was far from her life. She placed a map on the table in Starbucks and spun the compass. The arrow settled to North and pointed at a destination. Morocco. 

Since then she had flown for hours, bused for over a day in an airless bone shaker with pink fluffy dice in the window, waited in fly-infested roadside coffee bars and finally hitched a lift with a insane learner driver to this ancient moorish castle.

As she stared at the cloudless night sky a shooting star caught her eye. She blinked away the tears. The betrayal by the two people closest to her was like being shot in the heart. She mentally grabbed the arrow shaft with both hands and ripped it out letting the warm air scented with spices and dreams seal the wound. Tomorrow a new day would dawn and a new life beckoned. 


UD collects kaleidoscopes. I spent hours looking at daylight through them and the random patterns they produced…and I realized that it is the inherent randomness of life, of the next moment, that makes each day a bit special. You just have to stop, and look at it through the right glass…..