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We can never set the slate clean
Un-say, un-do, un-make.
Life moves forward without erase
Un-pick, un-change, un-place.

If what you do has permanence
Your actions tangible
Your words imprint
Then shouldn’t you think
Before doing it
Before you dip pen in ink?

You can’t reverse reality
Though you undertake to try,
And understand the consequences,
And underline the why
And under-state the reason
You under-bake the bread
And under-fill the silence
As words cannot be unsaid.

It’s just not write


It doesn’t matter how much money you throw at a project, to create whatever veneer you wish, there is always a weak link that will put their own ‘spin’ on their input.

Bad grammar annoys me, yet misspellings, in the right context make me giggle. This special handcrafted sign appears on a temporary plywood facade affixed to an ancient cast-iron gate. The gate has been daubed an offensive green shade to colour match the part year dollification of Dublin Castle for the six months Ireland holds the EU Presidency. The paint job offends me – the ‘official’ sign prompted a smile.

With thanks to the worker on the Irish EU Presidency project for the photo moment of the day.

Hello world!

I’ve joined WordPress.com! This is my very first post. (Except it wasn’t really, I’m just editing the standard opening remarks…and I have NOTHING witty to say) I did think I might delete it, but I liked the “or start a new post” bit
I don’t know how to stick links in yet. This could be less of a steep learning curve and more of a climbing wall for me…
They say you should state why you are starting your blog in this post but as I haven’t a clue…..answers on a postcard please?