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Open the curtains
Pull up the blind
Open the window
Bring in the outside.

Mellifluous birdsong
Floats in on the air
Sweetly scented with cut grass
Being mowed somewhere.

Open your mouth
Breathe deeply. Exhale.
The air you are breathing
Seems totally stale.

Head toward the hall –
Throw the door wide
Let Spring and the freshness
Rush inside.

A brightening spell

A wedge of sunlight
the door to the garden.

Spring has opened her arms,
and yawned
then pushed out some buds.

Silhouettes sharpen with the shadow of daylight
As the grass warms
and shoots skyward.

Lift the casement
and let in dust
and birdsong.
This is a morning of joyous rebirth.

Where did the snow go Mr Tumnus?


This morning felt like the first Spring day of 2013. Bright and airy without being fresh and cold. I stepped off the bus with a ‘spring’ in my step simply enjoying being outside in the air without being pummelled by rain and hail.

But even though the beautiful day made me feel light-hearted, I also felt a little sad as I realised another winter had passed with no snow.