N is for Nothing to See Here

So a quick recap for anyone joining me today… I am attempting the A to Z April Challenge with the added complication of writing inspired by  prompts from Rory’s Story Cubes (a wonderful little invention my brother discovered some years ago and shared with me.)

April 16th’s prompt for the letter N was:


The masks on the front of the theatre were meant to signify the ancient Greek symbol for drama – the comedy and tragedy that are the yin and yang of the stage. But for those who lived and worked in the theatre they represented the flow of life. Beyond the heavy plays, the raucous comedies and the song and dance of the musicals there was a far greater drama in the day to day. 

The accidents in rehearsal or set building or while hanging from lighting rigs could halt or postpone careers. The heartbreaks and troubles that actors had to put aside while they lifted the mask of performance every night (and two matinees a week). The days when colds, flu or stomach bugs left cast or crew reeling – and yet the old maxim prevailed – the show must go on!

So they would draw themselves up, and play their part, lock their disappointments or concerns deep inside, reach for that inner strength and carry on, because if nobody could see the reality then the illusion could  be the reality. 

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