I’m a girl, sometimes a woman. I’m a daughter, sister, wife, friend and loner. I am learning to be a mother. I’m a boss and an employee. I am a daydreamer, a sleepwalker, an innocent abroad. I love mystery and beauty, colour and shades, monochrome and monuments. I feel the past slipping under the door of today and mingling with my moments. I love words and sounds and peeping into others’ lives.

I am here. Mostly. Sometimes.

This is an example of a page.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. If you are serious about exchanging prompts I am too. Been looking at your blog posts trying to get a feel for what you like to write about and who you are.
    For the first prompt – tell me of a photo you wished you had taken, a missed opportunity.

    1. Shirley sorry so long in responding. Not been online much. Great prompt. Will have it up by the end of the week.
      I hope you will like yours. Your prompt is “Making plans – fear or faith?”

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