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Zzzzzzzz is all I want

Bone-weary, shattered, knackered and sore
I’m tired I’m bleary
Could sleep on the floor
I feel so exhausted. What a day
What a night
Or a lack of a night
– Yes I must look a sight!
My eyes are dry and burning
And fused in my head
My skin is crawling, itching
I just want my bed
I thought I could do this
I knew I’d survive
It’s not forever, I’ll endure it
Sure at least I’m alive.
But my battery is not charging
My energy stores gone
My sense of humor depleting
As each night has gone on.
I know that I love her
More than life itself
And I may just end proving that
With the loss of my health.
She catnaps for Ireland!
A wee doze here and there
Keeps her wound like a watch
And alert as the care
Of the President’s security
On hostile ground
– she’s made me a wreck
And mentally unsound.
I’m falling to pieces
Can’t restitch my head
Unless I catch a few Zzzzs
Now I’m heading to bed.


You are a moment in life
A starlight stopped in time
A sprinkle of chocolate on coffee
A poem that will rarely rhyme.
You are that long forgotten
Purchase in the wardrobe
That falls out and makes my day
You are the voucher for lunch
That is gifted last moment…
You are take-away (latte half-fat)
To sit and drink in a park
In the sunshine on a bench
By the lake
You are birdsong in the morning
You are soft dew on my father’s grave.
You are the river at the end of the garden
Gurgling, gushing to the sea
You are a pop song on the radio
Dancing round the kitchen in bare feet.
You are the opposite of sadness
You are my reason to smile
You are fresh air in the staleness
You make me feel me for a while.

‘X’ is a…

There on the page
Strong and sure
In bold black ink
The letter stares at me
All alone
Drawing the eye.
‘X’ marks the spot
A direction on a map
A point in place and time
Where buried treasure lies
A promise of riches
Beyond my dreams
And a happy future.

I lift the page
And study it for clues
A compass point
To aim me true
And review again
That little letter
At the end
That says
He loves me.

‘W’ is for….

Wait to see will you notice
Wondering if you will care
Watching for changes in attitude
Whether you still want me
Would you still love me
What do I mean to you
Will you reach for me
When the lights go dim
With some sort of longing
Wordlessly. Or
Waste this chance for
Wonderful togetherness
We have each other
Weeks months years together
Why should I fear losing you,
Wandering away?
Without us ‘we’ are nothing.
Wave my wand.


A day late but better late than never….

Walk towards where you’re going
Walk straight, walk tall, walk firm.
Keep your eye on your destination
Keep your heart like an arrow, true
Try and focus on your arrival
Try to decide what you’ll do when there
Open your eyes to see things
Open your heart to care.

Don’t worry about the bumps in the road
Don’t worry about your fears
Just circumvent the problems
When faced with a blockade… Veer!


We can never set the slate clean
Un-say, un-do, un-make.
Life moves forward without erase
Un-pick, un-change, un-place.

If what you do has permanence
Your actions tangible
Your words imprint
Then shouldn’t you think
Before doing it
Before you dip pen in ink?

You can’t reverse reality
Though you undertake to try,
And understand the consequences,
And underline the why
And under-state the reason
You under-bake the bread
And under-fill the silence
As words cannot be unsaid.

Twinkle twinkle blink

We pass each other in the twilight
In electronic light
His a standby light, laptop flickers
Mine a tablet live.
Our faces ghostly
Subverted the half-life
Of the half-light.

In another life he would have held
A flaming torch
Or I a delicate oil lamp
To light our ways to bed.
Modern inconvenience
Has provided an unexpected byproduct
The glow of gadgets
As they chew and burp
Electronic vapors.

Eerie without the romance
Weird without the wonder
The geek-lit walk
Is measured in lithium ion
Utility and futility

The battery is dead.
Now for bed.


Nothing prepared me
Nothing I read
Nobody told me
No matter what they said
Knowing it could happen
Didn’t realise
How the tiniest thing
Could have changed our lives.

Two curious eyes
Follow each move
Ears cocked to every sound
Head twist to groove
Mouth falls in a soft ‘oh’
Then breaks into a grin
At a face she knows
Just where to fit in.

Intelligent pools
Drink every detail
Learning and listening
As I sing or tell tales.

Then that miracle moment
From when I’ll never be free
Two pudgy arms lift
– and she reaches for me!!!


The world stopped turning
The lights went out
The winds stopped blowing
My secret is out
If I stand
And speak now
Will I recover it all
Or stem the inevitable
Break my fall
The silence is deafening
For a moment
It yells
Over every tick and murmur
As it briefly casts its spell
And then the deluge follows
As the dams crash
To the ground
And we are overwhelmed
By an avalanche of sound
A tsunami of noise
Of rhythm
Rips from every side
The quake has taken over
The earth it is alive.